Moolya Application

A complete design of inhouse project, focusing on latest design trends with great user experience.


Moolya is an online application, that lets you to Connects entrepreneurs, valuers, industry domain experts, legal experts, documenters, fund providers in a collaborative and engaging technology platform.It's a bridge between people seeking capital, those having excess capital and various other service provider around that ecosystem


App will work on Web & iPad. Application iss being the face and enticer to the various users. Web browser on laptops being the engine doing the crunching. December 2017, Moolya launched application and It's in BETA version right now. Work is going on to achieve the 100% full fledge application for different segment of users.

Research & Analysis

User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs and motivations through Expert Review, Field Studies, User Personas, observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

User scenarios

As company CEO and other Management Team is working to achieve the business plan of the company. They Ensure startup company is funded well at all times. Provide right valuation to his stakeholders for their investments. They are working towards increasing client base and they should be noticed in the industry.

Moolya application is an end to end solution i.e. presentation, due diligence, valuation, collaboration, investor connection and post processing of funding activities of businesses/ideas. It's a digital approach to present, beautify, assess, evaluate, judge and showcase companies/ideas. Application involves a team effort of portfolio makers, call center, documenters, CA, legal, domain experts and analysts to arrive at weighted score.


With common scenario’s in place, we were able to define detailed personas, using their vast data pool. The personas looked something like this:

Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3
Name & Job Mr. Anish Kumar Deepak Jain Harsha Reddy
Age group 30-45 years 45-64 Years 22-30 Years
Motivation and benefits of product usage - Speed
- Clarity and process
- Variety
- Collaboration
- Expert networking
- End to end service
- OK for service fees
- Availability of information on demand
- Speed
- Clarity and process
- Convenience and ease
- Collaboration
- Expert networking
- End to end service
- Presently pays for services
- Convenience
- Speed
- Ease
- Collaboration
- Expert networking
- Receive payment for his advice
Pain points area - Insufficient of time
- Not to get funds easily
- Lack of Connections
- Disconnect in existing valuation methods
- No Paperwork
- No Standardized methods

- Paucity of time
- Lack of accepted material
- Documentation hassles
- Poor Existing valuation methods
- Client preparedness
- Liaison with multiple parties
- More efforts for immature tasks
- Lack of digitally method
- Requires travel
- Documentation hassles
- Existing valuation methods
- Prospect preparedness
- Offer skills where needed
Way to product

Recommended by friends, acquaintances. Promotion or partnerships way.

Recommended by friends, acquaintances. Promotion or partnerships way.

Recommended by friends, acquaintances.

Digital literacy





  • We want to be Marketplace of all kinds of start-ups
  • We want to be Onestop customer service & support for all start-ups
  • We want to be Accelerators in providing customized and niche services for start-ups
  • Subscriptions , End to End solutions from Due diligence to funding
  • Panel / SME , Customize needs for starts eco ecosystem
  • Crowd funding
  • Funding
  • Data services
  • We want to be Knowledge base for all start-ups

Wireframing & Prototyping

With the proper planning, we were able to confidently move into creating wireframes for the app. We took the decision to focus more on the functionality and structure of the app, opting for low-fidelity wireframes with very little detail. Ultimately, we could add design elements in later, what was important for our users, was that the product (above all) was clear and simple.

Moolya low-fidelity wireframes.
User testing

User testing requires having real user to use your application. To review how well it functions from a nonbiased and unfamiliar perspective. You can either recruit family and friends to try using the app or find focus groups that are willing to explore different features and functionalities.

  1. Log in or Sign up;
  2. Register with different-different users
  3. Add your KYC and create your portfolio
  4. Connect with different-different users
  5. Subscribe for different model to monetize the various possibilities from all kinds of target user group
Moolya Application Dashboard
Moolya Application Dashboard
Moolya Application Dashboard
Moolya Application

The company's stakeholder are planning to improve their service, so we still have a lot of work to do on the application together.

Date December, 2017
Type Web & ipad Application


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