Jet Airways Flight Booking Experience - Design Assignment


Flight booking flow design

Although I have all the technology at our disposal, the flight booking experience has not become that much smoother yet. A lot of online consumers still face inconveniences in finding and booking flights. In most cases, the overall booking flow has some pain points. I tried to find and minimize that in ideation part.


Booking a flight online has many issues right from searching for the preferred flight to payment gateways. Ease of access to different deals, discounts, offers and hidden charges.

  1. Search Panel is not prominent
  2. Header background is clickable
  3. Hanging button is not acceptable
  4. In Search heading only location should appear
  5. Not the other city and price list
  6. Whole search options should be changes
  7. complicated booking forms — too much navigation and page reloading, sometimes shifting focus from the happiness of traveling
  8. Sorting options as per budget/ price, Time, Stops, destination
  9. Hidden or unclear deals( prefer loud, big & bold deals on home page rather than separate or inside page structure )


The attempt was to design a solution which serves the purpose keeping in mind the end consumer. Maximum amount of time was spent on understanding user behavior, clustering similar personas and gathering preferences while booking flights online.


Wireframes, high fidelity visual design of home page to book the ticket.

Competitive/ Comparative Analysis

With a good understanding of my personas and his needs, I viewed the potential websites of competitor’s to compare their user flow and design.

Competitor Website

Thomas Cook Airlines, Singapore air, Turkish airlines, Lufthansa, goindi go, air asia, Make My Trip

  1. Engaging header and search options
  2. Clean and simple design
  3. Best deals clearly visible on homepage

Digging down deeper with wireframes and low-fi prototypes for early testing

With all the information I had collected with the help of such, I started wire framing keeping the UCD in mind. With more relevancy towards easier search parameters, discounts/ deals, destination offers and booking process.

The Process

I have intended to have a discussion with about four travelers validating the Website Application

  1. Some say their expenses exceed their estimates because of unawareness about the places.

Homepage Design
Booking Flow Design


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