Task Management Mobile & Web Application

Task Management is a ultimate day-to-day work dashboard. It provides a clear picture of all relevant work items and allows scheduling, planning, creating, and prioritizing items with a few clicks. Application that enables people to prioritize tasks, schedule them, update activity status, and connect with a colleague easily. Complex applications, simplified with smart design


Task management mobile app that gives users the ability to not only easily plan their schedule each day in a visual way, but also maintain that all important high level overview of their projects and the tasks within them.

The attempt was to design a solution which serves the purpose keeping in mind the end consumer. Maximum amount of time was spent on understanding user behavior, clustering similar personas and gathering preferences while booking flights online.

The easier it is to see and respond to everyone’s work, the easier it is to manage a project. Choose a task management tool that will give you a high-level perspective of everyone’s assigned tasks and contributions in one place.


People that set daily/weekly/Monthly goals, tasks & project planning. I interviewed Project Manager and Technology Manager who creates task/goals for their team members.I got following insights:

  • Most people create tasks for both personal and work goals.
  • Short team goals are most commonly created.
  • People were willing to share some of their tasks with others.
  • Organizing tasks is rewarding for most people.
  • People like to be accountable and receive notification/reminders of their tasks.

Defining the problem

  1. Create an app that is easy to organize daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. (not overwhelming)
  2. Provide satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment after completing a goal/task.
  3. Set reminders and a possibility to share task with others.
  4. Adding Task Easily
  5. Organizing Tasks
  6. Easy Deleting and Editing Tasks
  7. Giving Priority
  8. Shift Pending Tasks
  9. Keeping it simple, yet effective
  10. Tasks Category
  11. Remember Tasks

Task Flow Diagram
Task Management Mobile Application Design

Task Management Mobile Application Design

Task Management Web Application Design


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