Mobile Applications for Voice Enabled IoT Devices to Improve Classroom Activities

IoT Application UI Design Features
  • Active Engagement
  • Students collaboration
  • Automating Tasks
  • Quality of Instruction
  • Interactive Teaching
  • Identifies Weaknesses
  • Students With Disabilities
  • Personalized learning that can be adaptive according to student's needs
  • Learn everywhere - due to the availability of gadgets
  • The growth of student's engagement in the learning process
  • Improved learning results

Smart school App with the facilities operating smoothly promotes a higher level of personalized learning. A IoT system for schools kids and teacher helps to keep track of major resources, create smarter lesson plans, design secure campuses, enhance information access, and much more. With its set of advanced tools, IoT can be regarded as a new method of classroom management.

The educational apps leveraging IoT can be regarded as powerful creative tools and are transforming the way in which teaching and learning is done. They also enable the teachers and students to create 3D graphics textbooks which feature videos and provide the capability to take notes.

These kind of apps can be considered as game changers as they provide a large number of educational games. These games provide numerous features that offer interesting possibilities in teaching and learning. This makes education more appealing than ever before.

Mobile IOT Application for School Kids


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