Fieldcollar Mobile and Website app 

Fieldcollar Mobile Application is a system that helps companies deliver effective onsite service by tracking requests, managing personnel, and maintaining visibility into operations. Mobile and Website app features - Scheduler, planner and calendar using GPS maps, Advance reporting and insights, Data analytics and learnings, Hybrid mobile apps, Dashboard using GPS maps, Transaction console with actions and status, Configurations and setups, Conversation console, Registrations, KYC and templates, Library, Billing and invoices, Payment gateway integration, Integrations with erp’s and bespoke possible, Variety of MIS reports, Timesheet and Payroll generation, Live tracking if Wi-Fi enabled camera is available.   


Fieldcollar Mobile Application is meant for Drivers, maids, gardeners, home expeditor etc.

Fieldcollar mobile application is a key component for workforce management solution. Think of it like a mobile control center, giving your mobile workers all the information they need to work efficiently and communicate with you in real time.

Mobile Solutions

Mobility solution of Tech Data Corporation is looking to bring their desktop B2B website to a mobile platform. They are also looking at a HTML5/RWD based solution to support multiple platforms. The solution has a critical time to market and needs to be scalable for future requirements.

Research & Analysis

I have reviewed the method with the hypotheses of the circumstances of many occurrences.

Design and conduct user research for current products, using both qualitative studies (field observations, interviews, & remote and in-person usability studies) and quantitative studies (experiments and surveys).

Collaborate closely with other researchers, designers, product managers, and engineers.

User scenarios

You moved into a new city. There's a lot of work you need done around the house, and you probably don't know local contractors who are trustworthy and efficient. Luckily, whether you need help in fixing a leaky tap, or drilling holes into a wall, or getting new fittings made.You are searching for a application who can direct providers of a standardised service to do your laundry, dry-cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, and other home services. You can book an appointment for maids, car cleaner, gardener etc.

User Want this features from Application
  • AC Repair
  • Home Maid
  • Car Cleaning
  • Computer Repair
  • Drivers
  • Cook
  • Baby Care

Wireframing & Prototyping

With the proper planning, we were able to confidently move into creating wireframes for the app. We took the decision to focus more on the functionality and structure of the app, opting for High-fidelity wireframes with very little detail.

Mobile template


I'm looking for a full time UX Designer position, worldwide.