Insurance Policy Management Web Application

Web application UI design. This is the dashboard design for Insurance broker, who can view the complete details of sold policy including policy history, documents and legal files

Insurance Policy Management Web Application coordinates and tracks all the work related to the resolution of a specific case (i.e. insurance claim, loan application, support ticket, etc.). Key objectives when building a case management solution include:

  • Increasing user productivity
  • Speeding up case resolution through automation
  • Enhancing case outcomes through analytics
  • Building visibility, traceability and compliance
  • Empowering knowledge workers and making their work easier
  • Eliminating manual and error-prone activities
Improving the customer experience of Insurance booking Web Application.
  • Policy Administration Systems
  • Claim Management Systems
  • Distribution Management Systems
  • Investment Management Systems
  • Third party Administration Systems
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Regulatory and Compliance

Design Process

The research component of this project was anchored in a variety of sources. On one hand there were data analytics(data I gathered from several sources available online), but also user reviews and ratings, understanding customer satisfaction, competitive analysis and doing some functional user testing. This exercise was mostly focused on search functionality, and not so much on development of a personalization experience which would present within the profile aspect of the application.

I followed Human-Centered Design method to make sure our design decisions solve the real core challenges in the Web and Mobile Application.

My design process includes five steps.
  • Research: Problem Statement/Goals, Constraints/Assumptions
  • Understanding Users: User Research, Competitive Review
  • Setting the Stage: Requirements Analysis, User Flow Diagram, Business Architecture Diagram
  • Design:Paper Protytype, Wireframes, Visual Designs, Interactions, Feedback & Iterate
  • Final Thoughts: Future Iterations, Improvements
Website Application UI Design
Website Application UI Design
Website Application UI Design
Workflow and UX/UI Deliverables
  1. Login (sign in/sign up)
  2. Dashboard
  3. My Profile
  4. Carrier Management
  5. Policy Administration
  6. Product Management
  7. Account Management
  8. Form Management
  9. Rating Management
  10. Reports Management


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